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Skin Tips

When you have flaky, itchy, dry skin, you want fast relief. Easing your dry skin isn't just about what you put on it.

Hair Tips

To keep your hair strong and shiny use proper nutrition.because Lack of vitamins, minerals and protein can cause hair loss.


Abnormal or Excessive Fat accumulation where the body mass index is more than 25 kg/m2, and this makes the person at high risk for many diseases

Who we are ?

Vamer is geared towards making health and beauty its main concern by providing the finest, highest quality products and dynamic marketing programs aiming at delivering health and beauty to every home.

Vamer pharmaceutical company is one of the fast-growing companies in the medicinal, aesthetic & skin care markets which is succeeding to gain the trust of a number of international companies due to its strong base infrastructure and reputation in Egypt

Our company is a customer-oriented company delivering unique products believing that building a network of Key persons & decision makers is the corner stone in our success by gaining our customer trust.

Your career at Vamer

Looking for a new job? Find out about working at vamer and how to apply for a job.

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